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Getting the Authentic Look and Feel of Bluestone in Cape Cod

When consulting a professional on potential materials and products to use for your Cape Cod, MA hardscape, one possible answer might be to install bluestone. This can be an attractive option. However, the downsides that come with this material, and the advantages of concrete pavers as an alternative, may be cause to rethink this decision.

A Beautiful Addition to Your Home

Homeowners that embrace the look of bluestone in their Cape Cod residence know that it increases the visual and monetary value of their property. Bluestone is a favorite among homeowners because of the natural, timeless impression it leaves on their landscape. However, bluestone is not the only way to achieve this. Many pavers offered by Unilock feature a textured surface and coloring indistinguishable from natural bluestone, while offering endless design potential to instantly boost curb appeal.


There are some variations in color of bluestone as it is extracted from the earth. The color depends on the depth at which it is quarried. However, as attractive and unique a look it gives to your home, many homeowners find it frustrating when bluestone’s color starts to fade as a result of weather conditions. This can give your hardscape an uneven, faded appearance. Unilock pavers, by contrast, maintain their color by relying on a variety of enhancing surface treatments and color stay technologies.

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Being a natural stone, bluestone is subject to inherent flaws and inconsistencies. Over time, bluestone tends to crack and lose its color as a result of weather conditions such as sun, snow, ice, and water damage.
To avoid these problems, consider installing bluestone alternatives from Unilock. Offering the same timeless look with complete protection from moisture, sun and ice damage, as well as a non-slip surface, these pavers can be used in driveways, steps, and poolside surrounds. Another huge advantage is that these quality alternatives don’t flake or spall and are guaranteed to maintain the richness of their color. These pavers are available in a wide spectrum of shapes, colors, and designs. Using alternatives also significantly reduces transportation costs and guarantees availability.

Trust Unilock for Authentic Bluestone Alternatives

For achieving the authentic coloring and texture of bluestone without any of the hassles, Unilock offers a number of concrete pavers that fit the bill.
Richcliff pavers, as one example, offer a realistic embossed surface and softly blended colors that recreate those of natural bluestone. The color options of Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe can be blended to further create variation in your outdoor areas. Another advantage of Richcliff is that is four times stronger than poured concrete, making it ideal for high-traffic areas as well as driveways.
Another alternative offered by Unilock is Beacon Hill Flagstone. Beacon Hill Flagstone features a range of colors that capture the character of bluestone. These include New York Blend, Steel Mountain and Coffee Creek, which offers a balance of warm earthy tones and the cool blue of traditional bluestone.
Other options to be considered are Bristol Valley, Westport and Treo, each offering their own unique coloring, texture, finish and edge qualities.

The title image features a front patio paved with Richcliff, complemented by a Courtstone border and Ledgestone steps.

Getting the Authentic Look and Feel of Bluestone in Cape Cod MA


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