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Getting Around the Common Drawbacks of Flagstone with Concrete Pavers in Suffolk County, NY

While flagstone offers remarkable aesthetic and quality function for your patio or other hardscape spaces, there are drawbacks. Flagstone can be prone to erosion, is often difficult to install and replace, and can be also be costly. With Unilock concrete pavers in Suffolk County, NY, you can incorporate the appealing effects of flagstone without the pesky drawbacks inherent to natural flagstone.


Unilock offers numerous concrete paver options that clearly offer the aesthetic of flagstone. One favorite of homeowners and contractors alike is Richcliff. This line has a realistic texture along with the superior strength and fade resistance of manufactured pavers. Not only does the color of Richcliff pavers withstand the tests of sun, rain, and time; the entire structure is capable of far heavier use than flagstone could ever be. Two differently sized rectangles and one square along with the color options of Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, or an on-site blend mesh to create a relaxed flagstone-esque hardscape with none of the drawbacks.

The title image features a driveway paved with Richcliff pavers, complemented by a Copthorne border.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

The incredible aesthetic of flagstone is continued with Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. As the name implies, the appearance is fully intended to be reminiscent of flagstone, helping homeowners enjoy the look without the aggravation. The incredible surface of Beacon Hill Flagstone is impervious to fading, so your color of Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, or Tuscany will last for years to come. Additionally, the three sizes offered make for a random, naturalistic laying pattern as well.

Beacon Hill Smooth

The flagstone look without the weathered texture is available with Beacon Hill Smooth. Desert Valley, Steel Mountain, Sierra, and Tuscany make up the color options for this sleek line of pavers. This series is also equipped with EnduraColor Facemix technology as well as the added strength typical of Unilock products, making this unit a potential material for driveway use.

Bristol Valley

The subtle coloring of Bavarian Blend, New York Blend, and Sierra make Bristol Valley a line of Unilock pavers that have the look and feel of flagstone with a subdued sophistication as well. Treated with technologies designed to prevent fading and staining, Bristol Valley offers high-quality aesthetics and function – the best of all worlds for patios or driveways.


Flagstone texture and color that won’t fade also characterize the Thornbury series from Unilock. Ideal for driveways, walkways, or patio spaces, this line is one that can run the gamut of your landscape from your front door to the curb. These units come in three differently sized rectangles, and the color options of Almond Grove, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra – all ideal for extending the flagstone aesthetic to your hardscape.

Treo Enduracolor

If Beacon Hill Flagstone is too large a format for your design, Treo Enduracolor offers a similar flagstone texture with smaller unit pieces. Available in four differently sized units and the colors of Almond Grove, Bavarian, Desert Valley, New York Blend, Sierra, Tuscany, and Charcoal, this series is great for smaller areas where large pieces would overwhelm the space.

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Getting Around the Common Drawbacks of Flagstone with Concrete Pavers in Suffolk County, NY


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