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Driveway Installation Ideas for a Warm Welcoming to Your Property in Canton & Akron, OH

The driveway of your Canton or Akron, OH, home is the initial welcome to guests. Their first impressions will be immediate, and your driveway plays a major role in its formation. To provide a warm welcome for family and friends, consider the right materials for construction. The broad array of offerings from Unilock make it possible to personalize your drive, mirroring your architectural style and solidifying unity for your property.


With varying lengths of planks and several color options, the Artline series by Unilock allows homeowners to create a contemporary but warm driveway that is sure to complement their homes. Choose from Platinum, Walnut, or Birch, or opt for a custom finish in the shades of Black Granite, Granite Blend, or Midnight Sky. The materials are also resistant to staining and fading, both highly advantageous for driveway constructions meant to last a lifetime.


In areas like ours, with a hefty share of rain throughout the year, dealing with the effects of precipitation can be difficult, particularly for hardscape features like driveways. By choosing Unilock Eco-Priora, the rainwater and melting snow issues are dealt with conveniently and safely. Constructed with a 7mm gap that is filled with fine stone chip, the water flows naturally through to the ground beneath, returning to groundwater systems without disrupting or degrading the driveway. Available in the shades of River, Heritage Brown and Sierra, your driveway will provide a warm welcome for years to come, despite the ravages of weather, when you choose this material for construction.

Holland Premier

The Holland Premier paver from Unilock offers the Mocha color that is intensely brilliant and highly resistant to fading. With a standard size rectangle and a smooth texture, this paver hearkens back to years of brick-laid paths, providing your driveway with a warm and time-tested aesthetic. Welcome guests to your home with a driveway that inspires nostalgia and admiration with Holland Premier.

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Welcoming and natural, Stonehenge pavers from Unilock provide both a unique and comfortable aesthetic for your driveway construction. With three differently sized pavers, the pattern options are abundant, and by choosing among the colors of Coffee Creek, River, and Sierra, you can imbue your landscape with a natural, functional, and enduring driveway.

Town Hall

Reminiscent of brick, with an aged, weathered texture, Town Hall can be installed as a traditional or permeable drive. With a standard size unit, the patterns can vary widely. Choose a monochromatic or multi-color pattern, depending on your home, personality, and desire for interesting patterns. On offer include the shades of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, 3-color on-site blend, Basalt, Heritage Red, Heritage Clay, or an on-site Heritage Blend. With the warm tones available and the small-town inspired aesthetic, your driveway will welcome guests at first glance.

Treo Classic

With its subtle flagstone texture, multiple sizes and classic neutral colors, Treo Classic is a remarkable choice for your driveway construction. Pick between Coffee Creek Classic and River Classic to design an understated, but noteworthy, driveway. While it will not overwhelm guests with defined texture or outlandish shades, it will convey class, strength, and quality with its earthy coloring and natural stone texture.

The title image features a driveway paved with Holland Premier, with a Series 3000 border.

Driveway Installation Ideas for a Warm Welcoming to Your Property in Canton & Akron, OH


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