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Dress up your Retaining Wall with these Charming Features in Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo

Retaining walls are often a necessity, but they can also be attractive focal features of your landscape when you use Unilock wall units. Furthermore, retaining walls can form the base for a range of attractive decorative elements. Here are a few tips on making your retaining walls even more attractive to highlight the beauty of your Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids or Waterloo, IA, home.


For a refined finish and architectural flair, coping is a fantastic addition to your retaining wall system. Unilock offers a number of versatile coping options including Limestone and Sandstone as part of the Natural Stone coping line. Also available are the 6 x 12 Fullnose coping and Brussels Fullnose coping options. Both of these are ideal for adding a rounded lip to your retaining wall – perfect for converting your retaining walls into additional seating for your backyard. For a rugged, rustic look, the aged rock texture of Estate Wall coping is ideal. Finally, Ledgestone coping provides a universal coping solution in three widely compatible color options: Buff, Grey and Blue. Ledgestone coping offers a smooth upper surface and pitched edges with a hand-carved appearance.


Retaining walls offer an opportunity for retaining wall planters, as well as presenting a surface on which to place potted plants. Plants can be used to soften the rugged aesthetic of a wall and complement the natural textures of the vertical surface. Consider using tall grasses for fine texture that contrasts with the shape and texture of large wall units. The fine, wispy texture of ornamental grasses is the perfect complement to Unilock Rivercrest Wall, for example. You can also add color with flowers planted in large pots by placing them strategically around the wall. A retaining wall can make a great backdrop for plant beds too. Not only will the colors of plant and wall complement one another, the retaining wall can also provide a windbreaker for delicate annuals.

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Focal Lighting

Use focal lighting to highlight the rich textures and colors of the stone appearance of your retaining wall at dusk and in the evening. This can be done in a number of ways. Uplighting is a great way for turning your retaining wall into a central feature. This will also add interest to planting beds and plants you have placed in front of the wall. Placing embedded lighting into the wall can help to illuminate your plant beds and walkways, and placing decorative lamps on your retaining wall pillars is always a nice touch. To highlight the texture and detail of your wall, direct your lighting so that it catches your wall at a sharp angle, either vertically or horizontally, drawing out the visual depth of the surface.

Add a Water Feature

Consider adding an interesting fountain feature to the wall. This water can even flow down from the wall and into a water catchment at the bottom. A water feature of this sort can help add movement to yard and create a restful ambience for the area.

The title image features a Richcliff paver patio with complementary Lineo Dimensional Stone retaining wall and water feature.

Dress up your Retaining Wall with these Charming Features in Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, IA


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