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Deciding on Wall Units for Fire Pits in Traverse City

Fire pits create a focal point, a place for social gatherings, and add a touch of warmth and interest. Choices for fire pit features in Traverse City, MI, can say a lot about the owner’s personality. Preference of texture, design features, and color should be in keeping with the owner’s tastes and the existing design and architecture of the property. The wall units used for the fire pit feature are one such element that can be customized to suit the owner’s taste and existing landscape features.
To help in choosing the perfect wall unit for your fire pit, here are a few things to consider.


The style of wall units you choose for your fire pit comes down to what sort of visual flavor you’d like to add to your outdoor area. Whether you prefer a modern design, something more traditional, or a rustic or old world style, Unilock offers the perfect wall units for you.


Rich, earthy textured wall units produce backyard designs with character. This could mean the stacked flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall or the rugged, natural rock texture of Estate Wall. Both provide an incredibly natural appearance and unique aesthetic benefits. If a smooth, sleek, modern look is more your style, Lineo Dimensional Stone could be the perfect wall unit for your fire pit.


Finding the right color for your fire pit wall units is easy with the choices offered by Unilock. Because each wall unit offers a number of widely compatible options, you’ll have no problem matching, contrasting, or highlighting the existing elements of your patio or landscape.


A fire pit wall unit requires the highest level of durability and strength in order to be safe and long lasting. That’s why Unilock wall units provide the perfect solution for your fire pit requirements.

Estate Wall

Estate Wall units provide rich, natural texture and hues that will contribute to character to any landscape. Colors to choose from include the subtle and earthy tones of Sierra and Sandstone.

The title image features a fire pit and surrounding low wall built with Estate Wall, complemented by an Umbriano patio with Series 3000 bordering.


Rivercrest Wall

For a stacked flagstone look reminiscent of the English countryside Rivercrest Wall can be the choice for you. Its timeless appeal may not look modern, but it works well in contemporary design settings as well as traditional, adding decorative texture and visual interest. Rivercrest Wall is perfect for a campfire feel that emphasizes relaxation and classic aesthetics.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock offers a contemporary and minimalistic look with its angular design, smooth texture and handsome colors. This wall unit suits modern architectural elements and design. It is characterized by its clear, horizontal lines, and clean, straight edges ideal for a modern fire pit that retains both warmth and character. Color options here include Mahogany Ash, Limestone and Sandstone. The Sandstone shade, particularly, provides for a warm and relaxed modern fire pit. Mahogany Ash offers a combination of warm and cool colors, while Limestone offers a cool minimalist appearance that can be matched with more dominant colors in the surrounds.

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Deciding on Wall Units for Fire Pits in Traverse City MI


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