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Creating Eye-catching Accents for your Retaining Wall in Akron, OH

Whether it’s time to construct a retaining wall and protect your landscape from the ravages of wind and rain or it’s simply time to replace an existing one, the opportunity to design your retaining wall as you’d like it shouldn’t be overlooked. Browse the range of options available to you from Unilock or consult a Unilock Authorized Contractor to determine how best to add eye-catching accents to your retaining wall design in Akron, OH. Unilock offers a multitude of products that will make customizing your retaining wall design simple and enjoyable.

Include a Band of Color

If you’re looking for ways to add eye-catching accents to the design of your retaining wall, consider adding a band of color. When you add a darker, complementary shade to the layer underneath the coping of the retaining wall, the effect is striking. For example, should you choose Lineo Dimensional Stone for the retaining wall construction in the Sandalwood shade, add a layer of the Granite color option for variation. While this combination is one example of many, a professional in landscape design can assist you with making a wise choice that will complement the architecture of your overall property as well as your other hardscape features and the wall itself.

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Choose Interesting Coping Features

Another way to add striking visual elements to your retaining walls is through the way in which you deal with coping needs. Traditionally, coping serves to protect the construction itself from precipitation sinking into the vertical building units and deteriorating the blocks. With Unilock concrete wall products, this is no longer a necessity, however it does provide a pleasing finishing touch and the opportunity for creating additional seating.
Brussels Fullnose Coping and Ledgestone Coping are two popular coping choices offered by Unilock, each offering different aesthetic advantages. While they’re both available in neutral, complementary shades, Ledgestone is considered universally appropriate because of its construction. Brussels Fullnose has a rounded edge that makes it useful when the wall might be used for seating or for creating a soft appearance. Brussels Fullnose Coping comes in the colors Mocha, Coffee Creek, Limestone, Sandstone, and Sierra, and Ledgestone is available in Buff or Grey. Again, a professional can assist you with either blending or contrasting the shades against your choice of building unit, depending on which choice is most appropriate for your landscaping intentions.

Greenery and Lighting

Adding eye-catching accents to your retaining wall doesn’t have to mean modifying the design of the wall itself. You can also choose to accessorize the build with stunning greenery and accent lighting. Particularly against light-shaded walls with high sun, greenery will sparkle and draw attention. Incorporate planters into the retaining wall for a permanent greenery solution. You can also introduce climbing vines and other native plants that require little maintenance. At night, carefully placed, high quality lighting will accentuate the beauty of the retaining wall and the property overall. By adding greenery, lighting, or a combination of the two, you can emphasize the aesthetic power of your customized retaining wall construction in a manner that is complementary to your property as a whole.

The title image features a low wall built from Brussels Dimensional Stone with Series 3000 banding and Brussels Fullnose coping.

Creating Eye-catching Accents for your Retaining Wall in Akron, OH


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