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Coping Solutions for Aesthetically Pleasing Retaining Walls in Toms River NJ

Coping Solutions for Aesthetically Pleasing Retaining Walls in Toms River NJ


As much as retaining walls are functional elements of a landscape, they also fulfill an important visual role. Contractors in Toms River, NJ, can trust Unilock wall units for building sturdy, attractive retaining walls, and for the final touch – in the form of matching coping – consider one or more of these versatile options:


Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger

Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are excellent options for transforming retaining walls into convenient seating walls. The rounded edges of these coping options is specially designed to provide comfort and safety. Fullnose coping is also ideal for contributing to a freeform, organic aesthetic. Best of all, Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are available in broad color palette, ranging from a dark Charcoal to the light and sunny Sandstone.


Concord Wall Coping

Concord Wall on its own is a highly stable retaining wall unit with some seriously heavy-duty applications. A rugged wall unit such as this requires a coping option that is just as visually and functionally impressive. Concord Wall features a coping unit with the substantial proportions of 23.625″ X 11.75″ X 3″. Also available is the smaller 13″ Wedge Cap unit for adding coping to curved retaining walls.

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Estate Wall Coping

Estate Wall Coping offers the rugged look of aged natural rock. Even so, Estate Wall Coping can be used to create comfortable seating walls. As well offering stunning texture, Estate Wall and Estate Wall Coping is available in some charming, earthy colors for adding natural warmth to any retaining wall system.



Ledgestone is the universal coping system from Unilock and features an ultra-realistic ledge rock edge. Ledgestone features coping units for both walls and pillars, as well as heavy-duty steps of various sizes. Available in two color options, Ledgestone is compatible with a vast range of design styles, aesthetic themes, and color schemes.


Natural Stone Coping

If your retaining wall design calls for the elegance of natural limestone or sandstone, Unilock has you covered. Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock includes both Natural Edge and Fullnose Coping, as well as Pillar Cap units. Limestone Coping is available only in the deep Black River Color option, however Sandstone Coping is available in all three color variations – Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey, and Indian Coast.


SienaStone is another ultra-heavy duty retaining wall unit from Unilock, with each piece weighing around 450 lbs. Along with massive wall units, SienaStone features multiple coping units for adding a finishing touch to the dramatic profile of a SienaStone retaining wall, or building steps that link areas of different levels.

Universal Coping

Modern and elegant, Universal Coping from Unilock features a plain, square edge and precise corners. Universal Coping is available in the colors Tan, Light Grey and Midnight Charcoal, each one perfect for complementing a contemporary landscape design and adding understated sophistication to a retaining wall system.

The title image features U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System retaining wall with Universal Coping in Light Grey.


Coping Solutions for Aesthetically Pleasing Retaining Walls in Toms River NJ


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