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Coordination is Central to this Brussels Block Patio from Kennedy Landscaping

Unilock Authorized Contractor, Kennedy Landscaping is the mastermind behind this well-coordinated backyard vision. The project features a patio complete with entertainment space and fire pit area, all paved with Brussels Block and delineated with an inlaid Courtstone border. The patio wraps around a boulder retaining wall, echoing the natural shapes of the rock and plant beds with its meandering outline. A number of design aspects come together to make this project the vision that it is.


The colors of this home find a perfect match with the Limestone Brussels Block pavers used in the main body of the patio. To reflect the colors of the home’s roof and windows, and to form a contrasting border for the patio, Basalt Courtstone pavers have been used. The same colors have been repeated in the vertical structures of the patio with Brussels Dimensional System in the Limestone color option and Charcoal banding. The patio furniture and light fixtures atop the pillars are similarly coordinated.


Similarly, curved lines are repeated throughout this patio design, from the organic curves of the patio outline, to the repeated curves of the steps, fire pit, and low seating wall. Each of these lines is duplicated by the Courtstone border and repeated again with the banding in the vertical structures. This gives the patio a strong sense of shape and definition, despite the uniform nature of the color pallette.


Finally, the time worn texture of Brussels Block adds the final touch to this design and ties it with the rugged texture of the boulder retaining wall and Brussels Dimensional System verticals. The tumbled textures of this paver are also ideal for highlighting the finer textures displayed by the plantings used in this project.

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With each element carefully considered, and nothing left to chance, Kennedy Landscaping demonstrates the power of careful planning and coordination.



Unilock Authorized Contractor:

Kennedy Landscaping
601 Gardnertown Rd
Newburgh, NY 12549
(845) 926-6465

Coordination is Central to this Brussels Block Patio from Kennedy Landscaping


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