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Concrete Paver Options for Paving Alongside Stones and Grasses in Easley, SC

Concrete Paver Options for Paving Alongside Stones and Grasses in Easley, SC

The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers.


Blending a hardscape into the surrounding softscape will make your outdoor living spaces feel more “grounded,” like they belong in the natural setting. However, if you love the bold look of contrast, there are plenty of stylish options. Here’s what you need to know as you consider concrete paver options for paving alongside stones and grasses in Easley, SC.


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Colors and Textures

There are two ways to approach color texture: you either embrace the contrast between manmade and natural, or you choose a more blended look that will integrate your outdoor living space into its surroundings.


The modern aesthetic favors clean lines, monochromatic colors, and simplicity. This creates a contrast between the sleek pavers and the softscape. This contrast can be quite stark, but fascinating at the same time. For example, Umbriano pavers feature a granite-like surface and a zero bevel edge that makes for a smooth and modern hardscape. If you love a bold look, choose a color that contrasts the stones in the surroundings—if the stones in your landscape are gray, choose a light color such as Summer Wheat.


Skyline pavers are an example of a minimalist paver that can blend beautifully into its surroundings. The paver is available in Medium Grey or Desert. Choose the color that best blends into the landscape depending on the types of stones and the shades of grasses in your landscape. Bluegrass, with its distinctive bluish hue, could look amazing next to the Medium Grey color. If your patio space is next to a rock garden with ornamental grasses in varied colors, then the Desert option could be the one to choose.


For a more blended look overall, opt for a textured paver such as Bristol Valley in earthy colors that complement the surroundings. Bristol Valley pavers come in a warm, sandy Bavarian; a cool, granite-like Steel Mountain; and the wonderful blended grey of New York Blend.


Brussels Block is a great option if you want some texture, but not as pronounced as a flagstone-like paver. This tumbled paver features a distressed texture that makes it right at home in its surroundings. It is warm, inviting, and gives your outdoor space a wonderfully relaxed vibe.


When you’re choosing pavers, be sure to take some samples home and observe them in all weather and lighting conditions. Pavers darken when they’re wet, and their colors become more pronounced and saturated. This is something to consider especially if you’re going for a blended look as opposed to a contrasting look.


Smaller Sizes and Easygoing Patterns

Choosing the right size paver to use alongside your softscape is a matter of personal preference. However, there are some influencing factors to consider.


If you use large format pavers—especially if your patio is large—there will be a stark textural contrast between the patio and the surroundings. Large format pavers minimize joint lines, which makes for a wonderfully smooth and elegant space, and if you love contrast, this is a great way to go (the 24” square Skyline pavers are one prime example of a gorgeous large format paver that gives your outdoor living space a clean, sleek look).


If you prefer a more blended look, a paver such as Richcliff, which is available in a random bundle of three modest sizes, can create a more natural look that mirrors the delightful randomness of nature.


Get more inspiration for creating the ultimate backyard retreat on the Unilock Dream page—or talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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