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Complete Your Clayton Front Yard Landscape Design with a Cozy Seating Space

Complete Your Clayton Front Yard Landscape Design with a Cozy Seating Space


For many Clayton homeowners, the front yard is not considered a space in which to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or afternoon conversation, however, including a cozy seating space in your front yard landscape design can be useful in a number of ways. A front yard seating space can serve as a good place for friends to wait if they happen to arrive at your home when you’ve been delayed. It can also be a good alternative spot for childrens’ parties, or a place to start off the BBQ while waiting for guests to arrive. Here are some things to consider if this sounds like an appealing idea to you:



Choosing the right position for your front yard seating space will help to ensure that the space offers you the functionality that you require. Perhaps you’d like the seating space to be built onto a raised patio so that you have a better view of the street or the neighborhood. Or maybe you’d prefer it to be slightly tucked away behind existing plantings so that some privacy is maintained. In any event, the position you choose will impact how, and for what purpose, the space is used.


Patio Pavers

Unless you’re adding a seating area to an already established hardscape area, you’ll need to think about what type of pavers you’d like to form the foundation of the space. Whether the area is a small, circular patio, or a more extensive hardscape, these pavers will contribute greatly to your front yard aesthetic. Consider something that matches the architecture of your home or existing hardscape features. Selecting a feature, such as the roof of your home, or your driveway, and matching the pavers to that, can also be quite effective. A red clay roof, for example can be matched with Copthorne pavers in a 3 Color Blend to bring out the various red undertones of the roof.

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Permanent or Moveable Seating

Permanent seating is definitely a good idea for a front yard seating space. With seating walls, you can ensure that the feature remains ready and available for whenever it’s needed. It’s also not at risk of being carried away in the same way that light, moveable furniture might be, if this is a concern you might have. For permanent seating, a dependable wall unit with rich character is ideal. Consider, for example, Rivercrest Wall, coupled with Ledgestone coping. The Ledgestone coping will help to ensure that the seating is both comfortable and complete in its presentation. Alternatively, comfortable outdoor sofas can also present an inviting welcome for guests.



If privacy is a concern, as it is in so many front yards, consider enclosing your seating area with characterful privacy walls. Brussels Dimensional Stone can be used to create privacy walls that will block the line of sight of neighbors and passersby, while lending a rustic, tumbled character to your landscape design. This can be supplemented by a pergola, an arbor or a hedge to give your front yard seating space a secluded, intimate feel. Additional ambience can be added to the area by including water features, plant beds and outdoor lighting for welcoming guests at night.

The title image features a Copthorne paver front entrance seating area.


Complete Your Clayton Front Yard Landscape Design with a Cozy Seating Space


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