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Brick and Cobblestone Driveway Pavers for Authentic Appeal in North Shore

If you’ve never considered the visual effect that your driveway has on your overall North Shore, MA, landscape, take a minute to ponder the potential. Rather than viewing it as a strictly functional path for automobiles to enter the property, think of it as the welcome mat for all the guests that enter your property. If your landscape and home invite a classic, historical, or rustic appeal, brick and cobblestone pavers can effectively complement your landscape. Additionally, with the many options manufactured by Unilock, you’ll find the perfect design to complement your property, reflect your personal style, and function as well.


With one standard dimension and a unique appearance for each unit, Copthorne driveway pavers have a high degree of strength and durability as well as many color options. The shades of Basalt, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, or a blend coordinate well and make this paver a feature of intricate patterns, an accent or border, or a driveway where the layout becomes the star.


Manufactured in four differently sized rectangle units as well as a standard square, Courtstone can provide the random layout of historic cobblestone streets with the durability and customization possible with modern manufactured pavers. You can select from among the shades of Basalt, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, or even have a combination blended on site. All of these colors will reflect greenery and other color well, complementing many home’s facades and styles. The unique appearance makes it an exceptional option for borders and is completely appropriate for a variety of styles ranging from rustic to elegant.

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Town Hall

Cast from actual brick paving stones, Town Hall offers a genuinely aged aesthetic while retaining the high quality and longevity that you can expect from Unilock. Offered in many shades and a standard size unit, layout options are many, and intricately colored drive patterns are easy. Combine the colors Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, Basalt, Heritage Red (special order), Heritage Clay (special order), or a blended-on-site option for a well-designed and suitable drive for your landscape.

Tribeca Cobble

A cobble-esque choice, Tribeca Cobble comes in two shades of grey: Crystalline Basalt or Peppered Grey. Moreover, the three differently sized rectangles and curb unit make for a convenient answer to a remarkable and historic driveway construction. Tribeca Cobble is manufactured with specific processes to enhance strength and durability of color.


With natural, rich color options and slim design reminiscent of Roman brick, the Mattoni series is ideal for country or cottage style homes. Designers can choose from the shades of Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, or Sable Blend, all new for 2017 and available via special order. This style is unique and provides a high quality advanced option for those who prefer an aged and natural look with modern durability and strength.

The title image features a Dark Charcoal Mattoni paver driveway.



For a cobblestone-like paver with rounded edges and a unique appeal, homeowners can look to the Camelot series by Unilock. The colors available as well as versatile shape will make it possible to appeal to many styles of design preferences. Look to the shades of Almond Grove, Granite, Rustic Red, Sierra, and Terra Cotta to complete your ideal driveway design.
Brick and Cobblestone Driveway Pavers for Authentic Appeal in North Shore, MA


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