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Best Walkway Pavers for Your New Rochelle, NY Landscape

Best Walkway Pavers for Your New Rochelle, NY Landscape

Choosing the right walkway paver to coordinate with your New Rochelle, NY, home is an important decision. Use the following five factors to help you narrow down the options, so you can select the right paver to enhance your property.

Coordinating Architectural Styles

The first thing to take into account when selecting walkway pavers is the architectural style of your home. Paving stones are available in a variety of styles, including modern, rustic, natural, and traditional. Matching the style of the walkway to the style of the home will help create a cohesive and coordinated landscape.

When choosing pavers for a modern home, smooth, sleek pavers such as Senzo or Artline will offer a modern feel. While a classic home will be better suited to Copthorne or Town Hall pavers with their authentic street brick appearance.

Complement Existing Colors

Once you have found pavers that fit the architectural style of your home, you’ll still have to select the right color for the walkway. Choosing walkway pavers to coordinate with the exterior of your house will ensure the hardscaping and the house don’t clash.

Remember to take undertone into consideration. Just because the house is beige and the pavers are beige, doesn’t necessarily mean they will match. For example, Beacon Hill pavers are available in a selection of earthy tones that range from warm to cool. Whenever possible, compare a sample of the paver against the home to ensure a good match.


Style and color aren’t the only factors to take into consideration when selecting a walkway paver. For the safety of your family and guests, it’s important that surfaces with frequent foot traffic are slip resistant. Unilock offers a selection of pavers with textured and slip resistant surfaces that are ideal for walkways.

Umbriano pavers, for example, feature a textured, slip-resistant surface that resembles natural granite. Their smooth edges and mottled colors make them ideal for contemporary landscapes. Il Campo pavers feature a uniquely textured, slip-resistant surface with a similar appearance to brushed clay brick. Their traditional appearance goes well with classic or historic homes.


Walkway pavers should also be durable and long lasting. They have to be able to withstand heavy use, as well as extreme weather conditions. From foot traffic to bicycle tires to wheelbarrows, walkways have to endure a lot. Unilock pavers featuring Ultima Surface Technology offer rich, beautiful finishes with up to four times the strength of poured concrete.

Richcliff pavers, for example, are extremely durable and offer a realistic surface texture that gives them the appearance of natural flagstone. Their elegant style and natural color tones make them compatible with a variety of architectural styles. Natural stone such as Sandstone or Limestone looks beautiful and also features low water absorption and excellent freeze-thaw durability.

Creative Touches

When selecting a paver for walkways, consider creative touches such as borders and laying patterns. A uniform paver with a broad color selection, such as Town Hall pavers, will allow you to create stunning patterns. For a bold, dramatic look, Series pavers in Peppered Granite create a striking contrast when paired with Black Granite borders.


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone walkway with Copthorne accent.


Best Walkway Pavers for Your New Rochelle, NY Landscape


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