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Best Retaining Wall Options for Rustic and Traditional Landscapes in Ottawa

If you’re the owner of a luxurious property in Ottawa, there’s every reason to be proud. Having worked hard to achieve a beautiful landscape, there’s only one thing left to do – enjoy it! However, if you’re still working towards perfecting your backyard retreat or feel there may be something missing, consider installing a retaining wall system to protect, develop, and add elegance to your rustic or traditional landscape.

Protect Your Landscape

Retaining walls are important for protecting your investment. They work to maintain the structure of your landscape, aid drainage and protect against soil erosion. Sloping ground can put your property, softscape and the foundations of your home at risk of water damage if correct drainage methods are not taken. Retaining wall systems installed in key areas can help to prevent this and limit risk during bad weather.

Transform your Hillsides

Sloping ground can also limit the amount of usable space in your landscape. Retaining walls can transform these areas into functional areas by holding back a slope or forming multi-tiered terraces, essentially creating flat areas where plant beds or other features can be placed.


Retaining walls are simple to have installed and, depending on the material, they are usually very affordable. They require little maintenance, so are an effective investment for your property, considering the damage they can prevent and the architectural aesthetics they contribute to our landscape.

The Correct Material

It’s important to have retaining walls constructed from a durable material. Wood, while being the most inexpensive, often wears out quickly. Stone and rock can also become cracked and damaged over time. Unilock offers specially manufactured concrete wall systems designed to capture the essence and character of natural stone while incorporating the extreme strength and weather resistance of concrete for retaining walls that last well into the future.

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Below are just a few of the options offered by Unilock to help you decide on an aesthetic that matches the overall look of your property.

Rivercrest Wall

With its authentic texture and the appearance of stacked flagstone, Rivercrest Wall is ideal for a rustic setting rich with natural nuance. Rivercrest Wall is available in a neutral Coastal Slate and sunny Buff color option for introducing warmth and character into your outdoor spaces.


With its tapered block system, StackStone is an excellent option for creating sweeping curves, meandering retaining walls or straight walls suited to a geometric or formal themed landscape. StackStone has the look and texture of a natural rock face and is available in the warm, vibrant and neutral tones of Mahogany, Nevada and Granite respectively.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

Brussels Dimensional Stone is a Unilock classic with a beautiful stone appearance and weathered surface texture. Brussels Dimensional Stone is available in a wide range of stunning colors for creating the perfect match to your landscape’s color scheme.


Pisa2 is a highly stable wall system with load bearing capabilities, ideal for creating larger scale retaining wall systems. Despite its strength, Pisa2 maintains an air of elegance with its split and weathered look and capacity for building attractive curved walls.

The title image features a retaining wall built from Pisa2 in Nevada.

Best Retaining Wall Options for Rustic and Traditional Landscapes in Ottawa ON

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