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Best Landscaping Stones from Unilock for Traditional Brick Patios in London, ON

Best Landscaping Stones from Unilock for Traditional Brick Patios in London, ON


A traditional brick patio works with a variety of landscaping styles – from a rustic, country garden to a colonial haven in the suburbs. However, one paving stone is not just like another. Within the Unilock catalog, you’ll find several series that exemplify the beauty of a brick-esque, standardly sized paver unit. Offered in a range of colors and with a choice of size, you can embrace the laying pattern of your choice and design a remarkable brick pattern for your home in London, Ontario.


If the Old World appeal of brick speaks to your sensibilities, but you’re looking for the durability and performance of a high-quality concrete paver, give Copthorne a place in your brick patio design. Unilock manufactures this paver with special manufacturing processes specifically designed to enhance the durability, strength, fade-resistance, and realistic texture of the material. Color options include a Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, or a combination of the three,, blended on site. Additional options include Basalt and the new-for-this-season shade of Steel Blue. One standard size and timeworn, classic texture make this option a winner if your aim is to create a nostalgic, but modern homage to the traditional brick patio. Make it high-gloss and modern, or elegantly subdued; either way, your traditional brick patio will be an integral part of your property and your life for the duration of your family’s residence in the home.

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Town Hall

Another Unilock option is one with slightly larger dimensions than Copthorne. Town Hall provides a substantial alternative that also exhibits incredible durability and strength. The colors Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak, and Basalt are similarly offered, with the additional choices of Heritage Red or Heritage Clay, either independently or blended with other Town Hall shade choices. These colors won’t fade due to special manufacturing processes, and the aged texture will also withstand the tests of time and use. As you live and enjoy your patio spaces, Town Hall pavers by Unilock will continuously perform functionally with durability and remarkable appearance continuing for years to come. Appropriate for many different architectural styles and offered in many complementary colors, this versatile series is ideal almost universally for landscaping design plans.



For a more rustic, or European look, rather than a colonial aesthetic, choose Mattoni by Unilock. This paver has a slimmer width while maintaining a captivating Roman brick-like appeal. Abutting your country garden or complementing your remarkable Romantic or cottage theme, a patio created with Mattoni pavers won’t fail to impress. Choose from Cocoa Brown, Dark Charcoal, or Sable Blend to create a herringbone, basket weave, or running bond pattern that works well for your space. The lasting, fade-resistant color and Roman brick appeal will perform for years. This series also works well as an accent or border, so keep it in mind when planning to use brick as a complement for your landscaping design. You can reject the expected and embrace a sense of comfortable living with this Unilock paver series.

The title image features a Mattoni patio.

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