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Add Vibrancy to your Hardscape with these Color Options

There are several things to consider when designing an exceptional hardscape. One of these things is color. Color plays an important role in making a hardscape blend with your Cincinnati, OH, home and the natural features of your landscape. Interesting color combinations can generate attention and direct people towards focal points and key features.
When designing a hardscape with Unilock pavers, take advantage of the vibrant and stunning color options available in our range and spend some time considering which colors are best suited for making your hardscape unique. Here are some noteworthy color options that are sure to add character and appeal:

Warm and Cool Colors combined with Richcliff’s Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist Blend

Warm colors are associated with excitement and energy while cool colors are considered to be calming. For the best of both worlds and a pleasing balance of warm and cool colors, consider Richcliff’s blend of Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist. Pebble Taupe offers the subtle, earthy warmth of bronze brown, providing a sense of character and warmth. Dawn Mist features the cool blue, grey and charcoal tones associated with bluestone. When combined, these colors offer a varied, interesting surface and naturally randomized appeal.

Copthorne in Burgundy Red

Red is associated with passion, energy, boldness and drama, as well as comfort and intimacy. Being a warmer color, it is able to make things appear closer, more enclosed or smaller, depending on the use. For example, you may want a large, sprawling space to feel smaller and cozier rather than open. A dark burgundy red can help you to achieve this. Shades of red is also effective in drawing attention to focal points. The Burgundy Red color option of Copthorne pavers provides exactly this sort of versatility. Copthorne in Burgundy Red is also complementary to the vibrant greens of plants and lawn, making it ideal for introducing vibrancy throughout your softscape.

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Brussels Block in Sandstone

The golden color of sandstone is often associated with beach sand and sunshine. Brussels Block in the Sandstone variation offers this sort of sunny disposition and cheerful personality. While being well-suited to adding brightness to gloomy parts of a yard, Brussels Block in Sandstone is also perfect for sunny poolside settings, with the sandy coloring offering the perfect complement to the deep blues and turquoise of your pool.

The Bluestone color option of Rivenstone

Blue is a calming color associated with tranquility, formality and masculinity. With the Bluestone color option of Rivenstone pavers, you can achieve the relaxing effect of bluestone while maintaining the durability of concrete pavers. The coloring of this paver is ideal for creating a traditional theme patio and contrasts well with whites and yellows in the adjacent architecture and surrounding landscape.

Tone Considerations

Lighter tones can make a space seem vibrant and more open while darker tones can make a space seem cozy and smaller. Some noteable mentions of light toned pavers include The Lugano and Modena color variations of Arcana pavers, Senzo in Cremo, and Summer Wheat from the Umbriano line. For dark pavers there’s Midnight Sky in Umbriano, Il Campo in Dark Charcoal or Mocha and Thornbury in Sycamore. These just to name a few of the stunning color options offered by Unilock.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Richcliff Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe Blend and a Basalt Courstone border.

Add Vibrancy to your Hardscape with these Color Options in Cincinnati OH


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