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5 Pavers for Achieving the Authentic Look and Feel of Flagstone in Akron OH

If you are seeking a historical, classic feel for your property, the right concrete pavers can provide you with an authentic flagstone look for your Akron, OH property. Walkways, patios, pool surrounds and driveways can be crafted to radiate the natural coloring and earthy textures of flagstone while maintaining the strength and durability of concrete using these five stunning pavers from Unilock.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

This paver’s authentic appearance makes it an excellent choice for enhancing the character of any outdoor project, from the patio to the driveway. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in six diverse colors in Akron, OH, ranging from a neutral Platinum to the deep warmth of Sycamore. Among these six is the Birch color option, new for 2017. Birch features a range of warm and subtle browns for bringing the perfect touch of finesse to your outdoor spaces.

The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone in Sierra.


Treo Classic

Similar in appearance to Beacon Hill, Treo Classic is a smaller format paver, giving it more flexibility for fine, high detail projects. Treo Classic is available in two color options, Coffee Creek Classic and River Classic for varying balances of warm overtones and cool undertones. Treo Classic features naturalistic, high detail surface texture and natural coloring for the authentic look and feel of natural flagstone.


Sharp and fashionable with a range of sizes: this paver is perfect for any project. Thornbury features multi-dimensional pigmentation for deep and individually varied coloring. The surface texture of Thornbury pavers is also a work of mastery in itself. With each paver featuring a texture profile cast from one of hundreds of unique natural stone molds, Thornbury ensures a lively and dynamic surface that maintains the randomness of natural flagstone. The color options of Thornbury cover the deeply varied surface of Bavarian that is characteristic of many natural flagstone variants, Sierra for a warm, smooth blend, and Sycamore for a deep, earthy feel.

Avante Ashlar

Avante Ashlar provides something a bit different with its “L” shaped design for a strong lock and easy installation. These uniquely shaped pavers fit together in an original pattern for creating an attractive randomized surface for a more natural aesthetic. The flair of Avante Ashlar is not limited to its captivating laying patterns, however. The rich and dramatic color options of River, Sierra and Sycamore, as well as the fine grain of its surface are also huge pull factors for this paver. For long lasting brilliance in your outdoor spaces, Avante Ashlar provides an ideal option.

Bristol Valley

The crisp, clean edges of this finely cut paver are ideal for incorporating into modern designs. The sharp, thin lines created between the pavers offers a finely detailed laying pattern and a contemporary look. Bristol Valley offers a more refined and sophisticated look than regular flagstone, without sacrificing natural detail, subtlety of color and rich textures and grains. Steel Mountain, Bavarian Blend and Copper Ridge are the color options here, each carefully blended to create an unrepeating, natural looking surface.

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5 Pavers for Achieving the Authentic Look and Feel of Flagstone in Akron OH


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