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3 Patio Pavers for Chic, Modern Driveways in Lebanon, PA

3 Patio Pavers for Chic, Modern Driveways in Lebanon, PA

The title image features Umbriano driveway pavers with Courtstone banding.


If you’re thinking about updating your driveway with a more modern style—and a unique flair that sets your driveway apart—concrete pavers from Unilock give you the widest range of design choices and finishes. Here are our some top choices for patio pavers that can be used to create a chic, modern driveway in Lebanon, PA.


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Elements of Modern Design

Modern design typically has a few key characteristics:


  • Minimalist design that is free of too many embellishments, bringing attention to the unique beauty of the materials.
  • A variety of textures, again to bring attention to the materials.
  • Neutral colors that effortlessly blend the manmade with the natural.
  • Linear shapes, including long, plank-like pavers.
  • Large-format squares that minimize joint lines for a sleek look and emphasize the individual character of each paver. Since driveway pavers are designed to carry heavy loads, the pavers you use will be smaller in size than patio pavers but still large enough to give you a simple, elegant aesthetic.


Driveway Pavers for a Chic and Contemporary Look

Thornbury Smooth driveway pavers feature the look of flagstone but with a much more subtle texture. The largest size of Thornbury Smooth pavers is a rectangle, which can be laid by itself in a running bond pattern or paired with a smaller rectangle and medium square for a more random and relaxed appearance. In addition to its beautiful contemporary design, Thornbury Smooth is available in a permeable or non-permeable version.


This makes it the ideal choice for homeowners who want to minimize the environmental impact their driveway makes on the landscape. Permeable surfaces involve a special substrate and larger joints between pavers that allow rain and snowmelt to seep through to the ground below and re-enter the aquifer. Thornbury Smooth pavers are available in two chic mid-tone colors: Steel Mountain and Bavarian Blend.


Promenade driveway pavers are the epitome of on-trend contemporary driveway design. With Promenade, you get a fully custom look. Many designers will mix colors, textures and finishes—adding to the number of choices to be made.


The smooth finish is available in Charcoal or Dark Grey; the mottled Umbriano finish is available in a dramatic Midnight Sky; the Series Exposed finish comes in Black Granite, Ice Grey, or Peppered Granite; and you can add even more interest with the Il Campo Brushed finish, which is available in Dark Charcoal and Granite. The pavers come in one size: a long and lean 4”x12” rectangle, which can be laid in a running bond pattern for a clean look. If you want to give a nod to the past, install them in a herringbone pattern. Whether you prefer a completely sleek driveway or one that keeps the eye engaged with a variety of colors and finishes, Promenade could be the perfect choice for a dramatic driveway.


Umbriano pavers give your driveway the elegant, timeless look of granite. Install the large rectangle on its own, or pair with the smaller rectangle (and medium square) for a more varied look. This sleek paver features a subtle texture, a non-slip surface and EasyClean Stain Resistance, which will keep your driveway from stains caused by deicing salts, automotive oil, or even tire marks. ColorFusion Technology randomly disperses real granite particles and concentrated color to give Umbriano pavers a unique mottled surface and five contemporary colors: Autumn Sunset, French Grey, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel.


Transform your driveway from ordinary into a fresh and contemporary work of art by choosing high quality pavers from Unilock.


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