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7 Pavers to Pick for Long-Lasting and Vibrant Color in Newark, NJ


The title image features Holland Premier pavers


Choosing a patio paver is a big decision, and perhaps nothing is more satisfying than to be enjoying a beautiful outdoor space for many years. However, lesser quality pavers will fade over time. To avoid that disappointment, here are seven pavers to pick for long-lasting and vibrant color in Newark, NJ.


The secret to long-lasting color is in the manufacturing process. The Unilock EnduraColor products below are manufactured using a two-step manufacturing process that combines a base of coarse aggregates for a stronger foundation, with concentrated color and wear-resistant fine aggregates on top. Nicks and scrapes will easily blend in, and the colors will stay rich and vibrant for many years.



Brick Style

Holland Premier pavers from Unilock give your outdoor space a classic brick appeal. These 4” x 8” pavers come in distinctive colors to suit any architectural style. If you love the look of clay brick, choose Rustic Red or Red. If you want more unique, eye-catching colors, you could choose from Granite, Sierra, Almond Grove, or Charcoal. This paver can be laid in a traditional running bond, herringbone, or basket weave pattern on patios, walkways, and driveways.


Mattoni pavers from Unilock offer the traditional look of weathered brick but in a more slender shape that’s perfect for modern applications (like the “little black dress,” brick really can go with anything). Choose from Sable, Cocoa Brown, or Dark Charcoal and enjoy these colors for many years to come thanks to EnduraColor technology.



Flagstone Style

Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock features blended colors for a relaxed look that’s barefoot-friendly yet still features the beauty of a flagstone texture. Enjoy the durability of blended colors for your perfect outdoor space, including Steel Mountain, New York Blend, Almond Grove, Sierra, Tuscany, and Fossil.


If you love the look of flagstone but want a more refined surface texture, choose Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock. Available in New York Blend, Tuscany, Almond Grove, Steel Mountain, Fossil, and Sierra, you’re sure to find the perfect vibrant color for your outdoor space.



Chic and Modern

If flagstone and brick aren’t your thing, you could choose from pavers with a fresh modern appeal. Arcana pavers from Unilock offer a silky, matte texture in Vivanto, Corvara, Lugano, or Modeno. Choose among three sizes for this paver that is best suited for patios, pool or roof decks, and walkways.


For a fun and unexpected patio, walkway, driveway, or pool deck, Hex pavers from Unilock deliver! Their octagonal shape and three distinct finishes again give you endless design options. In the Smooth finish, choose from Charcoal, Natural, or Steel Mountain; in the Umbriano Mottled finish, choose from Midnight Sky or Winter Marvel; and in the Series Exposed finish, choose from Crystalline Basalt or Ice Grey.



Permeable Pavers

Blend beauty and utility with Thornbury pavers from Unilock. These eco-friendly pavers are ideal for both outdoor living applications and driveways. Thornbury pavers are installed as permeable, which means the joints between the pavers allow rain and snowmelt to filter into the ground below instead of running off. These small-format pavers feature a pronounced flagstone texture which gives your driveway, walkway, or small patio a warm, rustic look.

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