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7 Concrete Pavers to Consider for a Stafford Township, NJ, Landscape Remodel


The title image features Umbriano walkway and patio pavers



The hub of outdoor living is the patio. Patios get a lot of use (especially the area in and around your grill station or outdoor kitchen). Pavers sealed with EasyClean help keep the space clean, so you can spend more time enjoying being outdoors and less time on upkeep.


Three pavers from Unilock that feature EasyClean include Mattoni, Umbriano, and Arcana


Mattoni pavers give your patio a classic brick look but with updated colors and a slender profile that adds amazing texture and interest. The antiqued surface makes for a relaxed, timeworn appearance ideal for virtually any setting: beautifully complementing traditional homes and adding warmth and texture to ultra-modern homes. The slim format is ideal for curved or herringbone patterns, and can be used on driveways for a cohesive look throughout the landscape.


Umbriano features an authentic granite appearance. This paver is more commonly used in modern settings, although it can also pair well with traditional homes. ColorFusion technology randomly disperses real granite particles throughout the pavers for a light-catching mottled appearance, and EnduraColor ensures that the color lasts and lasts, even in direct sun exposure. Umbriano pavers are sold in a random bundle of three moderate sizes and shapes. This allows for easy-going laying patterns for an elegant yet relaxed space.


Achieve a fresh, modern look with Arcana pavers. These large-format 24” square pavers make for a clean and spacious look which is ideal if you want to visually expand the feel of a small patio. Arcana pavers feature randomly dispersed granite, quartz, and marble particles for a truly unique look with a fine-blasted satin-smooth finish.



Walkway and Pool

A non-slip surface is one of the main considerations when choosing pavers for walkways and pools. Whether they are textured or smooth, Unilock pavers feature a non-slip surface for surefooted passage whether the pavers are dry or wet. Beacon Hill Flagstone and Beacon Hill Smooth give your walkway and pool deck the rustic appeal of flagstone, in either a textured or smooth profile. Both are barefoot- and swimsuit-friendly for a relaxed pool area, yet elegant enough for a formal entryway.




For a fun, fresh look with significantly more curb appeal than a boring asphalt driveway, look no further than Granito pavers. Granito pavers are available in two shapes: rectangular, or hexagonal. The rectangular pavers are suitable for pedestrian applications and the hexagonal shape is a durable and attractive solution for driveways. The unique, boldly mottled color finish of Granito pavers create a visually stunning surface that’s sure to turn heads.


Town Hall pavers feature the classic look of brick. The rich blended colors give you many options for virtually any horizontal or vertical landscape element either as the main field paver, border, or accent. Town Hall can also be installed on a permeable surface for a beautiful, yet eco-friendly driveway. The paver can also be used on walkways and patios if you prefer a unified look throughout the landscape.

Learn more about the many reasons to choose Unilock pavers on our Learn and Plan page, and get the ideas rolling on your landscape remodel!

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