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6 Non-Slip Driveway Pavers for Rye Brook, NY, Properties

The title image features Promenade Paver


Concrete pavers are a great choice for attractive and low-maintenance driveways. Of course, safety always comes first. When it’s time for a driveway upgrade, here are six non-slip driveway pavers for Rye Brook, NY, properties.


Unilock concrete driveway pavers are interlocking for a strong surface that easily stands up to vehicular traffic. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, some Unilock driveway pavers are also available as permeable options, where the joints between pavers allow snowmelt and rain to filter through to the ground below. You’ll also find plenty of design options including styles, shapes, sizes, textures, and colors.


But let’s get back to the number one consideration: safety. If you’ve ever slipped on a slick, wet surface, you know the consequences can be dangerous. The good news is that Unilock pavers are designed to be non-slip, regardless of texture. This means that if you love the look of smooth pavers, you and your guests can still enjoy a surefooted walk from the car to the front door or garage, even in pouring rain.



Casual Driveway Pavers

Brussels Block offers the rustic, weathered appearance of tumbled stone. If you want to be reminded of a cherished Mediterranean holiday and want your driveway to offer a friendly and relaxed welcome this is the paver for you. Brussels Block is available in Sierra, New York Blend, Sandstone, Limestone, and Almond Grove. Three different shapes/sizes offer a variety of laying pattern options.


Thornbury pavers offer the timeless look of textured flagstone but with superior strength and longevity (no cracking or spalling)—as well as a non-slip texture. These pavers can be installed traditionally or as a permeable application. Three moderately sized units are well suited to the demands of driveways, and four earthy colors (Almond Grove, Bavarian Blend, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain) will beautifully complement your home.



Modern Driveway Pavers

The Hex Paver from Unilock is a hexagonal shape that gives your driveway a truly one-of-a-kind geometric look. For design flexibility, the paver is available in four distinct finishes: Umbriano Mottled (in Midnight Sky and Winter Marvel); Smooth (in Charcoal, Natural, and Steel Mountain); and Series Exposed (in Crystalline Basalt and Ice Grey).


The Unilock Promenade Paver offers a long, plank style that is perfect for the contemporary home. Choose from a variety of finishes, all of which are non-slip but the brushed finish will give you the most security when walking. A variety of colors and finishes are available for use alone or in combination for a unique look.



Classic Driveway Pavers

Eco-Priora permeable pavers from Unilock can be perfect for driveways with drainage challenges, or driveways that tend to hold on to snow. A 7mm gap between the pavers is filled with fine stone chips to encourage water to drain into the substrate below rather than sitting on the surface. Eco-Priora pavers give your driveway the distinguished look of brick, in a warm Sierra and cool Granite.


Traditional clay brick is notorious for becoming slick when wet; but you can still enjoy the timeless look of brick in a non-slip version with Town Hall pavers. The larger proportions and gorgeous traditional colors are inspired by historic North American clay street pavers. Town Hall can be installed either traditionally or as a permeable driveway. The colors include Heritage Red, Basalt, Burgundy Red, Old Oak, Burnt Clay, and Heritage Clay. The colors can be used individually or you could blend two or three colors on site for a truly show-stopping driveway that’s still safe when it’s wet.

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