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5 Design Ideas for Accentuating Walkway Pavers in Ashland, VA

The title image features Mattoni pavers


Is your entry walkway in Ashland, VA, ready for a facelift? You can completely transform the space by upgrading to pavers. Since there are so many choices, where do you start? And once you choose a paver style, how do you make it look its best? Here are five design ideas for accentuating walkway pavers. 


First, why choose Unilock? Features such as a wide range of styles, slip-resistance, durability, low maintenance, and of course the Unilock guarantee make Unilock pavers a great choice for beautiful walkways. 

Let’s narrow your choices by style, and explore some design choices within each category.

Traditional Design

For a classic brick look, you could choose Copthorne pavers, which are inspired by European street pavers. Enjoy the weathered finish and choose from five rich colors (or blend several colors randomly on-site for a one-of-a-kind effect). If “brick red” isn’t your preference, Copthorne also comes in a dramatic Steel Blue and Basalt. Copthorne is also popular as a border for other pavers.


Pair Copthorne with Courtstone cobblestone-style pavers—not only does the buffed, timeworn finish contrast beautifully with the brick, it also adds even more historic charm to your walkway. 


Or consider reversing the look. Courtstone pavers bordered with Copthorne make for a beautiful walkway with vintage charm.



Relaxed Contemporary

For an inviting entry, you could choose a textured or weathered paver such as Mattoni pavers, which are a fresh take on the classic brick shape but with a more slender profile and modern colors. Mattoni pavers can be an ideal, striking choice for curved walkways or as artistic inlays. 

Consider accenting Mattoni pavers with Courtstone cobblestones—or, with Mattoni pavers in contrasting colors. For example, a Sable field with a Dark Charcoal accent could look stunning, especially when the field is laid in a herringbone pattern and the border is in a running bond. 



Sophisticated Chic

Large format pavers can give sophistication to a contemporary home. Skyline pavers are large-format (24” square) slabs available in two neutral colors (Chamois and Medium Grey). For dramatic effect, lay them in a diamond pattern in the direction of travel.


Umbriano pavers add the elegance of granite to a walkway. Randomly dispersed granite particles give these pavers a realistic look, and this versatile paver can be used anywhere throughout the landscape for a unified look: on your driveway, walkway, patio, and pool deck. Pair Umbriano with a slender brick or small cobblestone shape to accentuate its sleep profile.




Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers would give your new walkway the timeless look of bluestone. The beautiful pronounced texture looks especially dramatic in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. 


Accent these pavers with a Courtstone or a Mattoni border—or both, side by side—to create a stunning walkway that can tie in with nearly any color in the surrounding landscape.



A Dramatic Effect

If you want to go bold with your walkway and make a real statement, you could choose the linear Artline paver in the dramatic brushed Il Campo finish. Artline comes in a random bundle of seven shapes/sizes (as well as three finishes) for a truly one-of-a-kind walkway.  


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