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3 Driveway Pavers That Add Color to Pearl River, NY, Front Yards

The title image features Town Hall Driveway pavers.


If you want your Pearl River, NY, driveway to turn heads and you’re tired of the monochromatic impact of black asphalt or gray poured concrete, choose concrete pavers. A paver driveway offers a unique opportunity to express your creativity and boost your home’s curb appeal. After all, you want something to smile about when you come home, and your driveway should be part of what makes you happy. Here are three driveway pavers that could add color to your front yard.



Color Choices for Pavers


You could start by choosing a color that works well with your home. Unilock driveway pavers are available in an array of colors, so you have design choices if you’re not only concerned about color but a particular style as well.


Many homeowners prefer not to choose driveway colors that closely match the home. The idea is to give your driveway its own personality by making it several shades lighter or darker. Lighter colors can create a more expansive and brighter feel, which could be a nice touch if your property is heavily wooded. Darker colors can create a more sophisticated and stately aesthetic.


Warm browns and reds fall somewhere in the middle—they are the chameleons of pavers, suitable for both sunny and shaded locations. They give your driveway amazing warmth and visual interest, especially if you choose to have several colors blended on site.


Here are a few driveway pavers from Unilock that give you the greatest choice in vibrant colors for an eye-catching approach to your home.



Town Hall Pavers


Town Hall pavers from Unilock are generously sized brick pavers that can be installed either traditionally or as a permeable option (which allows rain and snowmelt to filter into the ground rather than running off). You may fall in love with the vintage streetscape charm and blended colors of this paver choice. For a custom look, you could experiment with blending several of the available colors. Heritage Red, Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak are four colors that fall into the “brick red” family—when blended together, the result is breathtaking. The dark Basalt color could be used as an amazing accent especially along the blended Heritage Clay color.



Camelot Pavers


If you admire the look of cobblestones, then Camelot pavers could be a great choice. These pavers feature rounded corners for an authentic cobblestone look. The colors include several shades of gray as well as Rustic Red and Sierra, both of which are reddish pavers that could be paired together or used individually. For even more drama, ask about blending both of these colors with Sierra (a blend of reds and grays), or see about blending Almond Grove with a cool Granite. A dramatic Midnight Charcoal border could finish the look.



Transition Pavers


Transition pavers from Unilock fall somewhere between Town Hall and Camelot in their simple rectangular shape but more classic brick-like finish. These economical pavers could be the ideal solution for a long or broad driveway. Add color to your home with Charcoal, Fossil, New York Blend, Sierra, Almond Grove, Steel Mountain, Tuscany, or Brown. As with the other pavers, you can opt for blended colors to achieve a custom look.

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